Talleres FAGA, S.L. made the first fully hydraulic post driver machine in the year 1986. This fact was a revolution in the sector, upon obtaining greater performances than those  obtained with the traditional pneumatic equipments that dragged an air compressor. From those beginnings in which FAGA was the pioneering company in this type of machines  to date, it has become an international leader in offering a variety of machines to do the  works of driven of posts in the road sector and beyond.   Later on, and due to the success obtained by FAGA in the firsts products, there were other  manufacturers of similar machines, that they tried to find the balanced obtained by the  FAGA machines, but, what makes different to FAGA from other manufacturers?. The answer is the philosophy to offer products and upper technologies, through the  development of multiple patents and systems, that other manufacturers have gone  incorporating to their machines, or they will try to incorporate in a future.
Machines manufactured by FAGA are designed for exceptional durability, power, efficiency and reliability, giving proof that those  machines manufactured in the beginning still works today with total satisfaction of their owners.